Bench Pattern Project
The original prompt for this project was given to me in the Spring of 2013, which was to create a pattern that would be easily recognizable in Baltimore. The sculpture Firebird was something I saw frequently that year when I traveled throughout Baltimore and I was struck by the thought of designing benches made of the same materials and similar forms to be my pattern. At first placed near the sculpture and eventually could be placed throughout Baltimore and would still be recognizable as referencing the original sculpture.
With the above sketch from 2013, I made a model of the concept in 2015 using Rhino with the intention to create a 3D Print.
I used the above Rhino model to create a 3D printed model using Slicer and Pronterface software, to print with a Jimmi printer
In 2017 I then recreated the bench in SketchUp, as seen below
With the above SketchUp model imported into Adobe's Project Felix, I was able to use Vray materials to really create a pretty realistic mockup image of the benches around the original inspiration for them.
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