Trans Care Now
A project started for my Branding class in Fall 2015, Trans Care Now is a social campaign aimed at medical providers to become more trans-friendly. Medical providers tend to be at the center of most transitions for non-cis identifying people who seek medical assistance in their transition. However these experiences are often negative or cause a lot of distress for patients. Typically because of the current structure set in place for patients to go receive Hormone Replacement Therapy, any surgeries related to their identity and all of the letters required for these procedures or other related changes. Trans Care Now offers suggestions on how to make these encounters more pleasant for everyone, by providing resources for medical providers to learn more about problems from the transgender perspective and graphics to place throughout offices to openly show support for transgender patients.
Accordion fold booklet, brief explainations of major issues between transgender-identify patients and medical providers
Mockup of Poster in Doctor's Office
Poster Flat for Medical Provider's Offices
Facebook and Twitter Pages to share helpful links and centralize all #transcarenow posts
Landing Page featuring articles to educate Health Care Professionals
About page for featuring mission statement of social campaign
2" Stickers
Style Guide Sheet for Trans Care Now social campaign
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