Visible Colors
2014 - 2015
Erin Dowd and Skylar Hayden McCormick partnered to create a Fashion Line for MICA Diversity and Intercultural Development Office's Annual Benefit Fashion Show: Timelapse.

Our line was inspired by the lack of positive queer representation in mainstream media and culture in America. Our aim is to celebrate queer identities and  work towards creating more positive representation. We created a bold line of pride using the queer identity flags of Lesbian, Bisexual, Asexual, Pansexual, Polyamorous, Quoiromantic, Transgender, Genderfuild and Nonbinary as the base inspiration of the garments. We wanted to give visibility to identities that do not get that very often while also creating a moment for our models to really claim and show off their identity. Each model personally identifies with the identity that their garment is based off of. To further personalize each look, we worked with each model’s own personal style to create the garments.

Erin designed and made the garments. Skylar had the initial idea for the line, edited the music, and choreographed the stage performance. Everything else was a mutual effort.
Video is owned by MICA and was created by the Production Team that worked on the Benefit Fashion Show
Model: Arien Smith (Polyamorous); Photographer: Winston Frazer
Model: Laura Tatgenhorst (Lesbian); Photographer: Winston Frazer
Model: Taylor Chester (Genderfluid); Photographer: Winston Frazer
Model: Evvy Veneziale (Pansexual); Photographer: Winston Frazer
Model: Erin Kirchner (Nonbinary); Photographer: Winston Frazer
Model: Jane White (Asexual); Photographer: Winston Frazer
Model: Michelle Lu (Quoiromantic); Photographer: Winston Frazer
Model: Skylar Hayden (Transgender); Photographer: Winston Frazer
Model: Erin Dowd (Bisexual); Photographer: Winston Frazer
Models, Left to Right: Laura Tatgenhorst (Lesbian), Skylar Hayden (Transgender); Photographer: Winston Frazer
Models, Left to Right: Michelle Lu (Quoiromantic), Erin Dowd (Bisexual); Photographer: Winston Frazer
Models, Left to Right: Taylor Chester (Genderfluid), Jane White (Asexual); Photographer: Winston Frazer
Models, Left to Right: Erin Kirchner (Nonbinary), Arien Smith (Polyamorous), Evvy Veneziale (Pansexual); Photographer: Derek Blanks

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