LA Dodgers Signage
During my time at YDI, I was able to work on a number of projects for the LA Dodgers. The most notable projects I had the chance to assist with were: the Campo Las Palmas logo, signage and graphics, the Jackie Robinson Statue base inscription layout, and the King's Hawaiian Concession Stand signage.

For Campo Las Palmas, I was tasked with finalizing the overall campus wayfinding programming, creating a vector version of the logo from a hand-painted sign, creating visualizations of various murals based on previous artwork and photos of the locations, as well as creating dedication plaques for the buildings or rooms named after important Dodgers figures.

The work done for the Jackie Robinson Statue was to create a layout for all the inscriptions that would be on the statue base. From quotes, to his name, jersey number, years played, and signature; all around the base and on the top to catch a fans eye from any angle of the statue.

The direction for the King's Hawaiian Concession Stand signage was simply to take their brand guidelines and translate that to the available space. Primarily this was about creating the large logo signs centered at both the main part of the booth, but also a smaller version above an adjacent grill and counter. My favorite aspect of this project is the use of the crown and lines aspect of the brand and placing that on the side covers of the lights in the adjacent grill and counter structure.

All photos of Campo Las Palmas below are from a Dodgers Photog Blog Medium article titled "1/31/17-Something Current-Campo Las Palmas Dedication-Photography by Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers" found here.

All other photos are my own.
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