Lyft Signage
During my time at GNU Group, I was able to work on a number of projects for Lyft. 
The main scope of work for their Headquarters in San Francisco was to create a 2.0 version of the wayfinding floor and wall maps that already existed. Concurrently, we were given the opportunity to create a base building signage system as well as implementing some white logos throughout the spaces.
The core of the design for the signage family is based on the unique form of the Lyft Amp, the primary color is white to compliment the architecture, and the notorious pink is used as a pop of color for all iconography. The entire family is very streamlined, a little playful, and overall bright and clean. I was the primary designer on these projects through schematic design, design development, construction intent, fabrication and install. 
The photos below are from GNU Group, a San Francisco Business Times article, and an Office Snapshots article.
In addition, I was able to work on signage for their Level 5 Palo Alto Engineering Center. This encompassed amenity blade signage and an update of the exterior monument sign. For the amenity blades we worked with STUDIOS and internal Lyft designers.
Photos of the Lyft Level 5 Palo Alto signage are from STUDIOS project documentation and a article.
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