SFO Wayfinding Enhancement Program
City ID has worked with San Francisco International Airport (SFO) for many years to develop and implement a cohesive wayfinding system across the campus. The SFO Wayfinding Enhancement Program combines ambitious changes to enhance the guest experience and optimize airport operations with reimagined product, service and information designs that are intuitive to use, and more sustainable to manage and maintain. Projects within this program vary from planning for wayfinding information within newly constructed portions of the airport, to planning improved messaging on existing signs, to specification and development of new resources to aid in sign management and development.
I contributed to a variety of these projects during my time at City ID, most notable being: all digital screens (Flight Information Displays, Notifications, Baggage Information Displays, Gate Information Displays, Curbside Door IDs and the Harvey Milk Terminal 1 Check-in Ribbon), initial development of the Signage and Wayfinding Digital Asset Management System, gate renumbering print maps, terminal print maps, as well as ongoing development and maintenance of the wayfinding system standard documents and templates. 
Asset Management Platform
Print Maps and Standards
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