The Hotel Signage Program
2016 - 2017
During my time at YDI, I was given the chance to create the design for the signage program for The Hotel at University of Maryland in College Park, MD. The client was seeking something that felt modern but would be timeless. This hotel features: about 300 rooms, a ballroom, several boardrooms, 4 restaurants, an amenity area with a Red Door Spa, and a 9-level garage.

For the interior signage, primary concept was to keep the forms simple for a sleek and modern look with high contrast. All of the signage is acrylic, with primarily black rectangular backgrounds, using clear or grey sections to create contrast for wayfinding or amenity signage. I was able to create custom glyphs for this project which I made primarily rounded to reference the circular logo of The Hotel.

The parking garage was extremely colorful to easily differentiate levels. The form and graphics for all designs in the garage were created from the hotel logo and its use of the Maryland state flag. The round edges coming from the circle logo and the Crossland parts of the state flag, white the angle of the slant referenced the Calvert parts of the flag.
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